Terms of Use

1. Definitions

The “Company” – Floating in Provence
The “Customer” – Anyone who requests the services of the company
The “Website” – www.floatinginprovence.com and its use, is for the benefit of the public browsing the site with the desire to be exposed to the company’s services, and the content and information provided by the company.
“Service Provider” – anyone engaged on behalf of the customer to fulfill his service request with Floating in Provence, such as transportation providers, boat agencies, wineries, restaurants, etc.

2. General

A. Use of the Website is subject to the Terms of Use set out below. The Terms of Use are intended to ensure the proper use of the services provided by the Company to its customers, and to ensure the proper use of the Internet for all surfers.

B. Please read these terms carefully, as using the Website indicates your agreement to them.

3. Copyright on the Website

A. Full copyright and intellectual property in the design of the site and any software, computer code, graphic file, text and any other material contained therein belong to the Company. No part may be copied, distributed, publicly displayed or disclosed to any third party without the Company’s prior written consent. The trademarks and logo on the Website are the property of the Company – or, to the extent displayed on behalf of advertisers, only those the advertisers own. They should not be used without their consent, in writing and in advance.

B. It is not possible to transfer or copy code, software, images, trips, tours, ideas, price, etc. from the Company’s Website without its written consent.

4. Booking services from Service Providers is made subject to their availability.

5. In the event that a final request by the customer, in whole or in part, is not granted, the customer will not be charged until the approval of all service providers through which the service was ordered. If the Service Providers are not granted within 7 days, the customer’s request, in whole or in part, is not binding. It is hereby clarified that until final approval is obtained, the price may vary upon request of the Service Providers and that in case of such change the customer will be given the option to cancel the order without charge.

6. The Company acts as a travel agent and a tour guide for all intents and purposes and as such does not bear any responsibility for the provision of the booked services through it, their quality and their suitability for booking. In this regard, the passenger will have to take up his claims directly with the Service Provider. The Company undertakes to provide the best and most appropriate services, and to endeavor to the best of its ability, training, and skill set, to provide good and appropriate service to its Customers.

7. The Company also acts as a messenger on behalf of the passengers and creates a binding legal relationship between the passengers and the actual Service Providers. Therefore, the Company will not be liable for any acts of others, including those of the Service Providers and shall not be held responsible for any disruptions, defects, discrepancies or failure to provide the Service in whole or in part.

8. Users bear all responsibility for the results arising from the use of the information written on the Website and will have no complaint or claim of any kind against the Company. It is the Customer’s responsibility to exercise discretion in ordering services from the company, taking into account physical fitness, time constraints, and the nature of the group of travelers, and to adapt their request to the chosen services.

9. The Company makes every effort to ensure that all information provided on the Website is up-to-date, correct, complete and accurate, but it is not responsible for meeting the various suppliers in their obligations, including matching the services presented on this Website with the changing realities on the field. It is also the responsibility of users/customers to carry out their own checks regarding information presented on the site such as attractions, venues, recommended routes and destinations.

11. Agreed and declared by every user of this Website that it is known to all, that the full and absolute ownership of this Website in all its contents and forms is the sole and absolute sole ownership of Floating in Provence, and that no one, except her, has any proprietary right therein.

12. The reservation is in process until final approval with transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, wineries and various Service Providers. The final confirmation will be provided by phone, via text message (sms, whatsapp) or by email.

13. Please note that as long as the order is not approved by the Company it is not binding.

14. Mode and timing of payment for services depends on the services ordered and the total amount. In each case, mode, timing and cancellation policy will be communicated to the Customer at the time of order by email, sms or whatsapp. In any case, failure to show up will result in the full charge for all services without any exception. The Company understands that during travel circumstances change and will make all efforts to be flexible with the Customer, but at the same time, the Company must protect itself against incurring costs as a result of cancellation of services that have already been planned and organized.

15. The customer must take care of appropriate, comprehensive and extensive insurance according to his needs, including personal insurance and travel insurance. In case of a claim the customer should contact the insurance company directly. We advise our clients to choose the widest insurance that also includes medical and hospitalization expenses and indirect damages that may be incurred by the customer during the trip, due to circumstances beyond his control and not under the Company’s control.

Thank you for choosing to travel with us and we will be happy to always be at your service and provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

Floating in Provence

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